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puppyvest_1We believe that it is important to work on an individual basis with each dog and their familyunit. By working one on one, not only can specific behavioral problems be addressed, the basic obedience concepts can be taught more successfully. Classes consist of eight weekly classes where we teach basic obedience commands such as SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, WAIT and STAND. In addition, we teach the proper way to work with the leash to help your dog be a desirable walking companion. The individual concepts are first taught to the dog/puppy by the trainer, and then transferred to the owner and other family members.We also offer a program where your dog can be brought to the Desert Goldens facility and left to be trained by the trainer. This consists of 3 to 4 weeks of intense training to teach all basic obedience concepts to your dog or puppy. Once satisfactory results have been obtained, the owner is brought back to train one on one with the trainer and the dog. In addition, we address such issues as housebreaking, barking, digging, jumping and chewing.We believe that voice motivation with positive reinforcement is one of the most productive training methods. By learning to give good, clear signals to our dogs and puppies and providing the motivation necessary for success, our training method has proven to be highly successful. We DO NOT believe in any form of physical or harsh handling as an acceptable method of training or correction.Crate Training is the key to successful training of your puppy or dog. By creating a controlled environment, your dog will be prevented from developing bad behavior and habits that could become training issues later on. Crate training, in conjunction with a good basic obedience training program, will allow you to have a well-behaved dog which will be a pleasure to have in your family.

Specialized Training

eric-haley-2_1We do private Service Dog training for individuals with any type of physical or emotional disability. Each situation is addressed on an individual basis. We have puppies and dogs that can be raised and trained to be service dogs. In addition, we can provide guidance to individuals who wish to train their own dog as an assistance dog. We will also do total training for those individuals who already have a dog which meets the qualifications to become a service dog. Dogs must meet specific requirements with regard to temperament, health and disposition in order to qualify as the perfect service dog for your needs. These dogs can be trained to do such things as retrieving items that are out of reach such as the phone, a cane, books, pens and pencils and almost any other item. In addition they can be taught to open doors, turn lights off and on and even get a Kleenex when needed. Certification is provided upon completion of all training, team training and passing the Public Access Test.

Pet Therapy

Private Pet Therapy classes are taught on a regular basis. The requirements for these classes are to have aBronze-Stormy-pup-1 dog that can pass all requirements for becoming a Pet Therapy dog with regard to health, temperament and disposition. Attendance and completion is required in our private obedience training classes. Once this portion has been completed, an additional six training sessions are done to complete the “Pet Therapy” portion of training. Certification is provided when it is determined that the handler understands all training and behavioral concepts that are acceptable and required in public. The handler must also show understanding of proper behavior in a hospital or nursing home environment. Individuals needing to obtain a Delta Society certification for the facility where they are planning to do Pet Therapy will be prepared for their certification test for successfully completion.We are always looking for good puppy raising homes for puppies or dogs that will be trained as service dogs. There are very strict requirements that must be met to qualify as a puppy raiser. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a puppy raiser for our Service Dog program, please contact Desert Goldens for more information and an application. Please contact us for more specific information regarding service dogs or puppy raising.


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