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“Desert Goldens’ Silver Drake”

One of our recent imports, Felix is a cool dude! He comes from lines that are known for being the sweetest dogs along with the excellent health and all of the other points we look for in a dog. While he has this very ‘business-like’ attitude when it comes to getting his ‘job’ done, the rest of the time, he runs and plays just like a puppy and couldn’t be a more happy and joyous dog. He is a great addition and will match very well with the rest of the girls!


“Desert Goldens’ Princess of Serbia”

Fiona, or as we call her, “Princess Fiona”, embodies the title and name to the specific point. She acts like the princess of the group and while she is extremely cuddly and sweet, she demands the best of the best! She, like Felix, is one of our recent imports that comes from lines known for their strong health along with being extremely intelligent dogs that are there to please. She definitely likes to please and be extremely close all of the time!


“Desert Goldens’ Brightest Light”

Daughter of Charlie and Silence. Sunny is a puppy at heart! Just like Harry, she is a little silly but settles down nicely. She is a very sweet, loving, yet very gentle dog and will produce puppies that, like her, are extremely healthy dogs that have the perfect temperament to be trained as a service or therapy dog.


“Desert Goldens’ The Next Chapter IV”

Daughter of Charlie and Cassie. Hope is a duplication of Cassie! She looks just like her and has her same mannerisms. The puppies that she will produce bring the strong backgrounds of Cassie and Charlie that is known for strong health, strong structures and great temperaments with Harry and his background. These will be puppies that are sweet and loving, have stunning looks and have the health to create all around great healthy puppies!

Desert Goldens’ Main Attraction

Full Champion

Junior Champion

Charlie has been entered in many shows and has achieved these international awards:

  • 10 [time] Junior Winner Class
  • Head Shot Junior Best in Gundog Group
  • Junior Best of breed /Junior BOB
  • Club Winner
  • 11 [time] CC
  • 4 CACIB
  • 1 [time] Res. CACIB
  • 10 [time] Best Of Breed BOB
  • 5 [time] Best In Gundog Group
  • 4 [time] Res. Best in Gundog Group
  • Best in Group III
  • Best In Show/ BIS 1
  • 2 [time] Best in Show III
  • Working Test Certificate

Charlie’s Clearances

Past Girls


Cassie has a fun loving personality and loves to be part of whatever is going on.


Silence is very loving girl and likes to mother the rest of the group!


Hidey is a sister littermate to Cassie and they are best friends.


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