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Would you like to get a puppy? I am looking for anyone in Southern California, Southern Nevada or Arizona (within 4-6 hour drive time from Palm Springs) who is interested in fostering. Call it fractional ownership, rent-a-dog, part time owner, whatever. This allows you to own one of my beautiful golden babies where they would stay with you and only come back for breeding and to have their babies. After the job is done, they are back with you.  You don’t have to deal with the breeding and heat issues. This is an extremely flexible arrangement where we work out the details for your specific ownership and determine a framework for what to expect as certain milestones come up. At the time the doggie is ready for retirement, you would have first rights to them and be able to have them their entire lives with no further obligation for breeding. If you do not want to keep them once they are retired, you can return them to me.

Psychologically speaking, this allows them to be a dog, have a family and a great life with someone who knows them and living their lives with their forever home, only coming back to breed and have their puppies. Then, they can go back to her family as soon as the puppies are old enough to be weaned and not have to be in that situation where they want to be with them but cannot stand it being tormented by wanting to be with their babies but are being chewed and clawed by the babies needle sharp teeth and nails. They get to recover and get their bodies back with their families and get back to just being a dog.
Does this sound interesting to you? Something you’d like to apply for? There are many fine details that are situation specific and we work out in the process of discussing what works best for you. Shoot me an email using the form below or by texting (or calling) the phone number above for more details today!