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About Desert Goldens

At Desert Goldens we offer a wide range of services.

We produce high quality golden retriever puppies. Some of the sires used are titled. We also offer training to the parents of our puppies and to the general public as well as specialized training for people who are physically handicapped.

Now, owned and operated by Jamie Knapp who is Nancy Knapp’s son, it was a natural fit for someone who has been as involved with the business behind the scenes since he was very young. It was a big decision to make when Nancy passed away but it only seemed right that Jamie take over the business and carry on Nancy’s legacy of producing high quality dogs and offer training services.

Nancy Knapp, the original owner of Desert Goldens, has always loved dogs. Her oldest son was severely disabled and obtained his first service dog when he was 14 years old. A pit bull attack forced the early retirement of his special helper and friend. His second dog was forced into early retirement due to serious health issues. After exhausting all avenues of obtaining and training his next dog due to long waiting lists, she knew she had few options left other than to attempt to train a dog for her son. She picked up a leash and saw how the dogs responded to her positive motivation and knew that she had a gift.

Ever since that day almost 30 years ago, she has been training dogs for people with disabilities and family dogs. The service dogs can be trained to turn lights off and on, pick up things, and even get their owner a tissue when they sneeze.

Not having proper obedience training can be the root of most dogs’ behavioral problems. Nancy did problem solving and basic obedience and can solve almost all problems your dog might have.

Nancy was very well loved and always will be, appreciated and respected by her clients and acquaintances. Nancy was able to train almost any dog to do whatever you need.


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